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Competitive Business Environment

This module consists of approximately 80 separate pages designed for overhead transparency use. They cover the entire syllabus contents for the Advanced Vocational "A" level unit Competitive Business Environment and are written in an annotated format. The module is aimed at Teachers and Lecturers delivering the CBE unit in schools and colleges across the country. The overheads can be delivered in the classroom or put together as a handout by the teacher/lecturer for student use outside the classroom e.g. as part preparation for the final exam based assessment. They are in a suitably large typeface to facilitate copying by the student from the overhead projector. Alternatively, they can be adapted and loaded onto "Powerpoint" for a more sophisticated delivery. Equally, they can be adapted for "SmartBoard" use..

Permission for this is not required from Education and Training Worldwide If the unit is being taught on a full year basis (e.g. 2 hours per week for 33 weeks or so) there should be ample time to deliver the material effectively. However, it should be supported by student research exercises, homework and exam preparation. If the unit is being delivered on a semester basis (e.g. 4 hours per week for 17 weeks or so) there should again be sufficient time to deliver the material effectively.

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Competitive Business Environment